Viscous Air Filter

INDVENT has developed Type IFVAF Viscous Air Filters for incorporation with ventilation plants for industries. These filters are especially advantageous where dust concentration in the surrounding air is comparatively heavier, as in Coal and Lignite mines, Steel plants, Foundries and other similar industries. Type IFVAF Viscous Air Filters also find a wide range of application in precision industries, where greater air purity with pressurisation is required. These filters are available in six different sizes, depending on capacity and type of industry where this is to be used.

The accompanying sketch briefly illustrates the working of the filters. Type IFVAF Viscous Air Filter consists of an endless filter mat followed by an oil drop eliminator. The filter mat is driven by a fractional horse power geared motor, or by a gear box coupled to a motor. The motor is controlled by a time relay. The filter mat is made from steel wire mesh of special construction and can either be the direct or indirect driven type. Each direct driven unit can drive upto two indirect driven units.

As the dust laden air passes through the filter mat, the dust is retained by adhesive action. The mat is cleaned and re-oiled as it passes intermittently through the oil bath. Drops of oil that may be carried through are trapped by the oil drop eliminator.