Vibro Separator

INDVENT Vibro Separators work on the principle of gyratory motion. A gyratory motion is a function of the movement of a solid object in a curcular orbit without the object itself rotating. The orbit being a small diameter and the frequency of the movement sufficiently high, the vibration created consequently is known as gyratory vibration.

INDVENT Vibro Separator is fitted with low HP electric motor. Its throughput is much larger in comparison with a machine running on reciprocating vibration and has various advantages, namely :

  • Compact and suitable for continuous operation.
  • Long life of the screen.
  • Quick and easy changeability of the screen.
  • Low operation cost.
  • Low capital investment.

Technical Specifications

Equipment Diameter 1200 mm (approx.)
Height of Equipment to 7 deck - 1500 mm
to 5 deck - 1250 mm
Power Requirements 2 H.P.
Operating Voltage 430V, 3 phase 50 Hz. AC
Material of Construction MS or AISI-304