Spray Painting Booths

INDVENT Spray Painting Booths with pump and without pump, are very popular, and widely used by a number of leading industries all over India.

INDVENT Booths comprise of a collecting section and Booth section.

A closed-cycle water system is employed in INDVENT Booths, the principles of paint fumes coming in contact with water and being scrubbed is shown in the diagram on the right, the drawing of the paint fumes into the water and exhausting it after being scrubbed, is acieved by the use of Centrifugal Fans. These fans can be located at any suitable position and can be connected to the booth by a suitable duct run. The tubular light fittings provided in the booth gives necessary illuminaion for painting.

INDVENT Spray Painting Booths offer the following advantages over other types of conventional Booths :

  • The design allows for improved working environmental conditions.
  • The possibility of overspray fumes marring or spoiling the finish of the final products is eliminated.
  • The quality of the finished product is improved, for the design & construction of the Spray Painting Booths are such, that while spraying, volatile fumes & any residual overspray is carried away.
  • The Spray Painting Booths require least maintenance for there are fewer parts that are subject to wear & tear.
  • The Spray Painting Booths are easy to assemble & do not occupy much space.

Standard Spray Painting Booths are finished with two coats of Red Oxide. However, on special request (at a nominal extra cost) the interior of the booth can be painted with zinc rich primer to give extra life to the booth.

Besides the side draught booths illustrated here, INDVENT have also successfully designed, erected & commissioned down-draught booths, both with & without pump, for painting large or bulky articles, like transformers, switch gear cubicles, aircrafts etc.