Fibre Extractors

Jumbo Fibre Extractor cum Pre-grader

INDVENT Jumbo Fibre Extractor cum Pre-grader is powered with 2HP/440 volt motor and pre sorting capacity of about 800-1000 kgs. per hour. It has 6 PVC rollers and 305 mm diameter, and had initial stainless steel 6 mesh screen for ball separation. The dimpled sheet without perforation helps in easy floating of fibre to be picked up by the fibre pick-up rollers. The dimpled sheet is followed by 10 mesh S.S. screen for pre-grading. The machine is single decked construction and the chassis and the deck for tray frames are made from rolled sections.

Some parameters of the machine are - height : 4'10" ; length : 13'6" ; width : 4'8" ; rpm of PVC roller : 15.

Slow Speed Fibre Extractor

INDVENT Slow Speed Fibre Extractor is powered by a 1HP/440 volt 3 phase motor, and is designed to remove fibre in CTC teas and eliminate rubbing, falling and greying effects, and ensure clean teas without loss of bloom. It is fitted with 4 nos. 30 cm diameter rollers moving at a very slow speed for picking fibre from tea at 4" to 6" gap. The rollers do not touch the tea during the process. The PVC rollers are easily adjustable and have a locking arrangement. This noiseless machine is capable of removing fibre from both dryer mouth teas and after final grading.