Centrifugal Cyclonic Scrubber

The INDVENT Centrifugal Cyclonic Scrubber Type-IWC is a simple, economical, low-pressure-drop scrubber particularly suitable for use with gases containing fibrous, sticky material or dust particles two microns or larger in size. The unit can handle recycle streams containing upto 5% solids.

In operation, the dirty gas passes through the spray zone at the entrance. Intimate gas/liquor contact is obtained and scrubbing, saturation of gas, and partial absorption of vapours occurs. The saturated, conditioned gas then passes into the mist eliminator section and is increased in velocity by means of a converging section. A tangential spin is imparted to the gas resulting in disengagement of the gas and liquor droplets.

Centrifugal cyclonic scrubbers can be constructed using carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys or plastics. Units are available with capacities ranging from 600-100,000 cfm (17-2832 m/min). The pressure drop is approximately 3 to 5 inch.WC / 75-127 mm. WC .

Typical Applications

    Exhaust gas cleaning in:
  • food frying and drying operations
  • Industrial incinerators.
  • General industrial classifying, grinding and transfer operations.
  • Phosphate fertilizer plants.