Bag Filter Shaker Type

The BagFilter Shaker Type dust control unit is a compact, completely self contained fabric filter designed for intermittent duty cleaning, automatically activated when the dust unit is turned off. It is fitted with an electronic controller. This unit is based on fabric areas between 4 mē and 42 mē.


  • Minimum Power Consumption.
  • Automatic cleaning of Bags during operation once in every 24 minutes by horizontal Electrical Vibrator fitted with a Pneumatically operated damper and controlled by an electronic timer.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Quick inspection and chnaging of bags due to provision of foot space between two rows of bags.
  • Panel construction - quick installation.
  • Choice of Fabrics for filtration - cotton, terene, terene felt, woollen and synthetic.
  • Module sections - minimum two sections and maximum eight sections in one combination.

Collection System

  • The standard bagfilter arrangement has been provided under each hopper with a butterfly valve in between when the bins have to be emptied the valve has to be kept in closed condition and then the bin can be lowered and emptied.
  • If continuous discharge is desired instead of standard collection system as described above, a screw conveyor with rotary feeder can be provided on specific request.

Cleaning System

Dust laden gas or air enters through the bottom hopper where the heavy particles fall out by gravity. The gas is then drawn up through the fabric, filtered and subsequently let out of the casing through the damper. The dust is deposited on the inside of the bags. On receipt of an impulse from the time delay (T), pre set during commissioning, the damper (D) in the outlet of one of the chambers closes automatically and the vibrator motor (V) of the same section starts. The dust is shaken off and drops to the bottom hopper where it is collected for removal, normally through a rotary feeder. When the bags are cleaned the damper re-opens and after a predetermined period the next chamber is taken up for cleaning. The cleaning efficiency, alteration to the cleaning programme can be carried by adjusting the time relay. it is also possible to switch off (bypass) the time-relay and operate dampers and vibrator motors manually by push buttons, the pressure drop over the bags can be checked on the manometer fitted on the casing.

Each chamber is automatically taken off the line, one at a time for cleaning as described above. This means that the cleaning process is applied to one chamber at a time when it is isolated from the air/gas flow. Very effective cleaning is achieved by stretching and shaking of the bags together with a simultaneous lateral motion, the shaker beams from which the bags ae suspended are actuated by an eccentric which is driven by a totally enclosed electric motor, the moving parts are supported in a special rubber arrangement and are located on the clean gas side. The shaking gear is robust and needs virtually no maintenance.

The shaking frequency and amplitude is adjustable to a certain extent and, therefore, an optimum condition from the point of view of effective cleaning as well as life of the bags can easily be achieved.

Filter Fabric

Depending on the applications, a suitable filter fabric is normally chosen. To achieve the best results, the factors which influence the choice of the fabric, for example, the physical properties of the gas and the dust, the temperature during filteration, risk of condensation, required cleaning efficiency and other operating conditions etc. are taken into consideration.

Unit Bag Filter Shaker Type

INDVENT Unit BagFilter Type LM(S) is designed for intermittent duty and is self contained most compact equipped with needle weaven fabric filter with integral fan, dust collector bin, quick seal gear, free floor standing to be pleaced in rooms or under shades. Also fitted with automatic shaker to be activated by electronic controller and fan motor control unit.

The unit can be supplied without fan, dust bin hopper and with optional fittings like accoustic diffuser and secondary filters for low sound level.

The unit is available in different models for different models for different capacities ranging from 500 C.M./hr. to 2500 C.M./hr. in 5 Sq.M. to 25 Sq.M. filter fabric area depending on and as per requirement of the user.