Bag Filter Reverse Pulse Type HRFC/PJBF

A view of Bagfilter Reverse Type HRFC
The Reverse Pulse HRFC Bag Filter is a high ratio filter for a large range of gas flow and is suitable for collection of all type of dry dust. In its standard design, the Bag Filter can withstand a pressure of 2500 mm WG. The Type PJBF Bag Filter can be supplied for any quantity of gas with in-line and off-line cleaning system.

Important Features

  • High collecting efficiency-emission level of below 150 mg/m³ can be easily achieved for both coarse and fine dust.
  • Has an in-built precollector thus permitting high concentration of dust in the inlet air.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Has effective pulsed jet cleaning of the bags-controlled through a solid state electronic controller.
  • Can be equipped with bags in a variety of materials for special operating conditions.
  • Available with both 1.8 m and 3 m long bags, or any other size as per requirement.
  • Can be supplied without hopper and support for direct mounting on silos.
  • To minimise the space requirements, HRFC/PJBF can be supplied with pleated bags of international standard.


The Reverse Pulse HRFC has cylindrical filters casing with a Cyclone inlet and a conical dust hopper. The main components are shown in the figure.

The filter is provided with two gas outlets, one of which is blanked off when delivered.

The bags are supported on the inside with wire bag cages. Removal and fitting of bags are done from inside of the filter casing in case of round type construction, and from top of filter in case of rectangular construction. A grating is provided in the bottom of the filter casing to facilitate changing of bags. The discharge of the collected dust can be continuous through a Rotary Feeder or intermittent through a dust discharge valve.

The Bag Filter type HRFC is available in six nominal sizes namely 16, 21, 32, 45, 64 and 83 with either 1.8 m or 3 m bags. The type PJBF is designed to suit the requirements of the customer.

Principle of Operation

The dust laden air/gas enters through the cyclonic inlet where the coarse dust is collected and falls in the hopper (see figure). The finer particles are carried with the air/gas stream and are deposited on the outside of the bag surface (6) and the clean air goes out through the outlet section. The pressure drop across the bags is indicated in a manometer. The air pressure in the compressed air tank (5) is used as an input signal for the electronic controller to operate the program cleaning sequence.

For cleaning of bags, the controller operates a solenoid valve (4) which opens and one row of bags (6) is cleaned with a short, powerful burst of compressed air. After a short period the next valve is activated and the bag cleaning procedure is repeated.

Pleated Bags

By using Pleated bags, the extraction capacity of the filter unit would be more than double. In other words for specific extraction capacity the area requirement of pleated bags is less than half and thus very compact. Details of pleated bags may be given on request.

Unit Bag Filter Reverse Pulse Type

INDVENT Unit Filter Type - M(RP) is designed for continuous duty process application requiring handling capacity for air volume ranging from 600 C.M./hrs. Units are compact, self contained with automatic reverse jet cleaning system. Units are available in 6 Sq.M. filter fabric area, made with non weaven needle felts horizontally stackled, flat bags & suitable for all type of dust. It can filter high dust durdens at high speed and almost at constant resistance. Filteration efficiency depending on other factors can be better than even 99.9%. Small quantity of external compressed air supply is required for reverse jet cleaning.